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About BCWP

Welcome to Brighton Community Workshop!

We are a thriving not-for-profit Community Interest Company (CIC) founded in 2019, rooted in a vision that began shaping back in 2017. Our mission then—and now—is simple yet powerful: to establish a vibrant city-based community workshop run by passionate volunteers, equipped with tools, workbenches, and a wealth of shared knowledge.


Think of it as a collective garden shed, a space where everyone's skills and passions converge.

At BCW, everyone is invited to join our community and explore our four cornerstone services:

  • THE TOOL LIBRARY: Borrow tools and unlock your DIY potential

  • THE MAKER SPACE: Discover a creative haven for crafting and building

  • THE REPAIR HUB: Embrace sustainability by repairing instead of replacing

  • THE SKILLS FORGE: Learn, share, and forge new skills together

Simply put, it’s just like a book library but with tools!


Borrow what you need, when you need, take them home, use them and return a week later.

We have an ever growing inventory - we should have what you want, but if we don’t, then send us a email and we’ll look into getting it.

In order to borrow stuff, you need to sign up - so register today and join the sharing revolution!

While the Tool Library is already bustling with activity and open for everyone to access, The Maker Space is currently in the works. Once completed, it will lay the foundation for The Repair Hub and The Skills Forge, expanding our offerings for the community.

Your involvement matters!

By donating tools or becoming a member, you actively contribute to our shared vision of a thriving, resourceful community.

Explore our vibrant community workshop, discover new skills, and join hands with us in building a sustainable and creative future.

Ready to dive in? Sign up for membership or explore ways to get involved today!

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