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Donate Cash


Pete (L) & Garry (R) - braving the rain, inspecting the contents of the garages, full of donated tools.


Go on... Give us some dosh!

Or more politely, Please consider donating some funds. Which is a great way to show us your support. 


Either through one off donations or set up a regular recurring payment to support your friendly workshop / tool library. 

When you pay for your membership you could choose the pay-it-forward (Protector) plan and add a little extra to your annual subscription, which helps provide membership for someone else? 

We also have the Supporter Plan, an option to pay a regular monthly amount, (or a one off payment of what you can afford) - to add a little extra, if you’re feeling particularly altruistic.

We also have a direct donations option via PayPal (to be implemented)

All the money we raise is ploughed back into the community project and will help secure the success of the tool library and workshop.

Donate Tools

WhatsApp Image 2021-06-28 at 16.50.54.jpeg

The back of Alison’s car, on moving in day, transferring some of the donated tools from storage to our new home in the crypt.


Give those old tools a new lease of life

Our community can make use of those old tools. Either in the workshop, the tool library, repair shop or the maker space. 

They may be tatty and old but part of what we’re trying to achieve is to repair, reuse, repurpose and reduce - and that begins somewhere. 

Your tools may get reused or turned into something else, parts may get recycled, some tools may be renovated and sold at fairs or other future events.  

Donate Skills


Starting to get organised on moving in day, thanks to the two Tonys, Alison, Gill, Karen and a bit by Garry & Pete. 


Skill Sharing is part of our ethos 


We don’t know everything, but together we can give it a good try. 

Becoming a member is one thing, be part of the sharing revolution.


But Volunteering takes it up a gear, donating your free time and skills helps the project, our members, the community flourish 

Volunteering is fun, builds social ties and develops new skills.

Also, you might get a badge or a free t-shirt! and everyone one likes free stuff!


WhatsApp Image 2021-07-01 at 15.33.52.jpeg

End of day 4 - starting to take shape?


A great idea it might be... 

...but the Brighton Community Workshop still needs funding.


We rely on the memberships and donations as our main income, but there’s also more general fundraising opportunities, grants  applications and so on. 

We are here to help pioneer the idea of a sharing, repairing lifestyle within our community, for us and future generations.


We can’t exist on ideals alone so Volunteering to fundraise for us allows our core team to focus on the long-term goals.

Maybe you have an idea for fundraising events or can provide valuable expertise, we want to hear from you.

Our aim is to become self-sufficient, but until then, fundraising efforts and every donation counts and helps to keep the lights on.

Spread the word.



Word of mouth is a power tool.​

...if you can’t spare time, or money then just telling your friends, family and colleagues about what we’re doing is still a help. 

Be you a Founder, Herald, Advocate or Protector, you are all supporters - so keep talking, join us on the socials, like and share, spread the word and help build our community. 

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Thank you for your continued support

Our Funders​

A special  thank you goes out to everyone who supported ourt initial crowdfunding campaign - this helped to kick things off and seems such a long time ago, but without that initial support we wouldn't be here - so thank you, far too many names to mention but you know who you are. 


Our Friends​

These are some of our friends - other organisations whom we either share common goals or provide mutual support in some way. If you would like to become one of our friends - ping us an email and let's build a network of sharers, makers and repairers.






St Georges Community Center, Kemp Town

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