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It’s moving time!

Let’s get this show on the road!

This week it begins.

We signed our agreement with the folks at St Georges Community Center a week or so back and it looked like we could move in by the end of June.

It’s now July 1st and we’ve began moving tools into "The Crypt” (as we’ve started to call it...)

What better way to start a community project than in the beating heart of any town - the local church. It’s got great facilities too - a well stocked cafe, toilets, kitchen facilities, larger rooms we could rent out for less messier sessions,

Prior to us being in this space it was being used as a food bank, and before that... a nursery. But sadly after a bad flood the kiddies had to move out and it’s been left in a bit of a state of disrepair - for us take over - certainly better than the two leaky garages we had on the edge of the city...

We’re now a lot more central, a stones throw from the A&E (not that we’re going to need that!)

As you can see from the pictures (tap/click the well hidden little arrows) what a difference 6 months make?

Back in February 2021 Garry and I were interviewed by LatestTV against the backdrop of our two garages, clutter full of donations.

But now we have space!

With Cupboards, Shelfs, cubby holes, drawers to organise stuff and best of all, a front door we can close and lock and call a home, out of the rain and cold. YEY!

So, this week it finally begins. Sadly Nancy couldn’t be with us to share this important step - she is currently away on her holidays (remember those?) - but has been with us in spirit, and sharing the experience vicariously, she’ll be back, raring to go next week...

There’s still loads to do of course, but thanks to everyone who has helped so far this week.

"An Amazing job! - I joined this group because being a bookaholic I'd like to fill my spare room with shelves without bringing the whole place down” - Delilah

A quick roll call for our “Brighthelmtooligans" volunteer/helpers - Tony, Tony, Gill, Karen, Alison, Helen, Jo... thanks folks - our little community is starting to bud.

- Pete

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