Owning stuff is a waste of resources, space and money...

Why buy when you can share instead? 


 Welcome  to our new website


We are currently entering a Trial Phase of the project and have secured premises to start our Tool Library! :)


We are actively looking for volunteers to help at every stage so do get in touch if that could be you?

If you’re new, then please watch the video to find out what we are about - then check out the rest of the site for more info.

If you do have any other questions then check out our FAQs section, or get in touch with us via email.

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Hi there!

We are the Brighton Community Workshop Project and we are at the beginning of an exciting journey delivering a new community resource for our city. 

Starting with a Tool Library. We won’t have to waste money and storage space anymore owning expensive stuff that might only use a few times.

"Over its life time, the average power tool is used for a total of just 13 minutes..." 


We have collected a combination of donated and newly purchased items and are building a comprehensive selection of tools that you can borrow when you need them. Sharing tools and other items helps reduce waste, reduce resource demands, and increases tool use.

But the Tool Library is just the beginning... we are also setting up a Community Workshop too! A flexible workshop and maker space that Tool Library members can use to get creative and make stuff...

...and it doesn’t stop there - we will also be running classes - where you can to learn new skills, get a better understanding of the tools we have, regular repair shop sessions, where you can finally fix that broken toaster and well... get to know your fellow makers, fixers, menders and do-er upperers!

You don’t need any experience, and everyone is welcome to join. 

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Our mantra is we Make, Learn, Share and Repair.


We believe in sustainability through sharing. Sharing skills and sharing resources.

Helping our community to thrive and live a more responsible life, supporting ourselves, our neighbours and the planet.

Garry, Nancy & Pete. 

 Tool  Library 


 How  does it work?

The core principle behind The Tool Library is simple - it’s just like a book library but with tools!


You borrow what you need, when you need it and bring it back to us the following week, cleaned and ready for us to lend out to the next member.

We have stock of a growing inventory of hand tools, like, screwdrivers, spanners, chisels and hammers. Bigger useful items - like ladders, trestle tables and portable work benches. A broad selection of power tools - cordless drills, drivers, sanders and so on - we even have a wood shredder for the garden, and a dehumidifier if you need help drying out that damp bathroom...

So, we should have what you want, but if not (and if enough of you request whatever we don’t have) then we’ll look into getting it.

But before all that, in order to borrow stuff, you need to sign up - so register today and join the sharing revolution!

Check out the current inventory to see what we have available.

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Create your account

Register using our online inventory system, this provides access to our growing library of tools


Don’t forget to confirm your email address!


Reserve your tools


Use the online inventory page to browse and select your tools and select a date when you want to collect


Collect your tools

Our Volunteer chums will have prepared your reservation, ready for pick up from the library.

Borrow for 7 days


Return to us


Bring back to us the following week, on-time, cleaned and ready to be shared again.


Help us


  • Donate money

  • Donate time

  • Donate tools

  • Spread the word

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 The  Workshop


 What  is the workshop all about?

The Workshop is (currently) small, but perfectly formed.


Situated in 'The Crypt’ under St Georges Church in Kemp Town. 

As we settle in during our trial phase we invite keen founder members to volunteer to help set things up - once we have ironed out any kinks, we will begin offering various classes for you to learn new skills, share your ideas and projects.

We think that our initial sessions during the trial phase will be cleaning and preparing donated tools for the Tool Library & Workshop, as well as figuring out the online systems in more details, and understanding the logistics with the actual premises and tools available to lend.

We hope to see some of our founder members become regular volunteers, helping us as we move forward and continue to grow and develop the project.

 As  for future plans...


At some point, we hope to expand to larger premises (or multiple sites?) where we can provide even more space and locations around the city - this would be the ideal - but with premises being in high demand and costly, this may be a stretch...



 How  do I join?



Create your account

Use our inventory system to sign up


Check your junk folder

Confirm your email


Select Membership

From the 5 options

1. Founder

2. Herald*

3. Advocate*

4. Protector*

5. Supporter


*Currently unavailable


Choose a date

When we’re ready to start accepting full members, pick a date and a time to visit the workshop to finalise your application in person.






Visit the workshop with your registration documents 2x proofs of address and we’ll finalise everything and give you your membership card.


Do you have any questions? Visit the FAQs page

 Joining  us, a side note.

During the trial phase we will continue to develop this process, so please be aware that there may be the odd email or message delivered that might not make sense - As we continue to organise ourselves we’re still trying to understand and figure out the best methods and practices to provide this service to you.

We are always looking for volunteers to help, so if you have experience in backend/CRM/Stock control inventory systems and would like to help, then please get in touch... 

Craft Materials

 Our  Memberships


 What  options do you have?

To use the tool library, workshop space and take part in repair workshops and future classes you will need to become a full member.


Two plans are currently available;

  • The Founder Membership plan will be available throughout the trail phase.

    • This option will be removed once we have established a functional tool library with a reasonable quantity of tools available to borrow.

  • Our Supporter Plan provides you with an additional opportunity to support the project

    • Either through one off donations

    • or by setting up a rolling monthly subscription

    • Pay as much or as little as you like 

We will also have three full access plans to choose from, (each of these is for an annual subscription covering you for 12 months and provides full access to the Tool Library, Workshop and Classes (once they begin)). - During the trial phase all these options unavailable.

Plans are only available to adults, 18 years and older.

Payment Plans



Limited time only 

one off


Support us as we get started

£5 off first years

Full Access Plan