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Becoming a member

To be or not to be? Are you or are you not?

Becoming a member of the Brighton Community Workshop Project & Tool Library should be easy.

In essence you;

  1. Fill in a form

  2. Pay a fee

  3. Become a member

We know lots of you are interested because so many have signed up to our newsletter and we have loads of followers on the socials with plenty of liking, commenting and sharing

There’s a but coming...

But as good as this is, we really do need the support financially.

Many of you have also began your registration online (see form) but not taken that final step of purchasing a membership.

If you have entered your details into the sign up form and not paid any fee, then you are not yet a member.

We’ve updated the Join Us section on our homepage to explain how to setup your account in a bit more detail.

We have 3 tiers of annual membership

  • Herald - £20

  • Advocate - £30

  • Protector - £40 (minimum)

Plus our Rolling monthly membership option

  • Champion - £5 (minimum)

Non-Members can also borrow from the library and use the space, but will be charged premium rate.

Buy Less, Share More, Make More, Save More - Join Today.



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