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Our new Home

We are pleased to announce that we have a new permanent residence!

After months of negotiations we’ve finally got the keys to our new home in Brighton at 116 St Georges Road, Kemptown. We’re here for the duration - it’s in the heart of Kemptown village, on the high street with plenty of access for everyone - nestled between two coffee shops, opposite a newsagents, a pub and a barbers - talk about convenient!

That said, it’s in need of some serious need of TLC - having stood empty for quite some time. It used to be "Kim’s Launderette” - going back some 40 years or so, (judging by the wallpaper we’ve uncovered) - it has been completely gutted, no machines, no nothing - not even a water supply.

What era do you think this is?

We’ve already made a start, but there’s a great deal to do, build a counter, shelving, some partitions, paint, decorate etc.

Some of us have already got stuck in and there’s been some breaking down of old panels, wall battens removed, holes filled, sanded and ready for a lick of paint.

The biggest setback we have at the moment that lack of water! - (any plumbers out there want to help connect it?) It is, pretty much as basic as it gets, stripped back to the walls and floor and that is it.

A blank canvas in other words. Which is really exciting!

A Cunning plan

Our plan is to get things up and running as soon as possible - things might be a bit ‘rough around the edges’ for a while, but we’ll get the tool library back up and functioning as a priority and then progress with developing the shop itself.

The rough idea is

  • A reception area upfront for visitors, maybe a sofa/chairs/bench to sit on?

  • A counter area, separating the reception from the workspace - this will be for enquiries, membership sign ups/renewals, point of sale, all the usual ‘shop’ type stuff - plus tool library pickups/drop off point

  • Behind the counter area will be the entrance to the workspace, where we’ll have fixed and mobile work benches (for classes) - One wall dedicated for The Tool Library shelving, and the other wall dedicated for workshop tools and materials.

  • a Kitchenette/Seating area right at the at the back with another partition separating the workspace - plus basement access

  • The basement containing a cleaning area, and we may have a sectioned off ’dust/spray room’, sectioned off, a place to sand and/or spray - (not Both at the same time obviously) - to minimise the dust generation upstairs in the workspace.

  • There’s scope for additional ‘deep storage’ in the basement for more consumables, and/or lesser used Library Tools and/or Tool Donations in need of refurbishment.

So that’s the plan.

But first, it’s all about getting the space up to some sort of spec that we can at least call it workable, and not a building site...

...but we’re getting there.

Our goal is to be able to ‘re-open’ our doors by November 12th 2022.

We need your help.

So, if you're reading this and you're not already a member... then Join Today.

116 St Georges Road - "The Old Launderette” - Our new home

Start your sharing journey at The Tool Library, or Volunteer, or why not Make a Donation and help support us in building the Brighton Community Workshop.



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