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Craft Corner

We are excited to announce that the first weekly BCWP craft corner is taking place at The Crypt, St George's Church, St George's Rd, Kemptown, Brighton BN2 1ED on Monday 22nd November 2021 from 6.30-8.30 pm.

Everyone over 18 yrs. is invited, members free, non members by donation for materials.

We have project ideas and the materials to produce them, ready to go but we also welcome and encourage you to bring along existing projects with the idea that this can become a sociable crafting event where members gather, use the space, materials and equipment, make friends, share ideas, swap experience and learn new skills. So if you want to come along and knit (and natter), finish that abandoned lockdown crochet project or hem some trousers, then this is your chance.

Jo a keen crafter and recycler, will be hosting the weekly event and will be on hand to introduce and guide the project ideas, help with your projects, assist with equipment and tell you where the tea and coffee is.

We would like the crafting to be as sustainable as possible and encourage projects that have recycled waste and up-cycling at the heart of the idea. Less Hobbycraft and more trash nothing is the aspiration, which not only saves money but also encourages sustainability and helps recycling become habitual.

Please be aware that some of the crafts require the use of cutting tools and materials with potentially sharp edges that could scratch. We can provide PPE.

You don’t need to book you can just turn up on the night. Please wear comfortable clothing, a mask if you like, use the hand sanitiser that is available and bring change for a donation towards materials and tea and coffee.

If you have any of the following at home (even if you can’t make it on Monday) we would be very grateful for any of the following items -

  • Paper (of different size/colour/thickness)

  • Sketchbooks

  • Colour pencils/pens/markers

  • Glue

  • Scissors

  • Paint brushes

  • Paint

  • Old sponges

  • Old fabric/cloths pieces

  • Old magazines/books with images

  • Glitter

  • Stickers

  • Scrapbooking bits

  • Sewing tools (thread, needles etc.)

  • Jewellery making tools (pliers, thread etc.)

  • Beads

  • Old cups

  • Boxes/beauty bags to store things

  • Cardboard packaging/boxes (e.g. cereal boxes)

  • Plastic bottle lids (rinsed & dried)

  • Aluminium craft wire/garden wire

  • Old electrical cable (broken phone charger cable)

  • Drink cans (rinsed & dried)

  • Ribbon

  • Buttons

  • Knitting wool/crochet yarn

We look forward to seeing you, creating some fun items, and having a great evening.



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