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Tool Library is Open

We’re nearly there...

Tool donations have been trickling in on an almost daily basis.

Thanks to everyone that has donated we really are grateful. When the donations arrive, they are not always in the condition we would want them to be in before loaning them out. Some just need a bit of a dust down others need a thorough clean and a lick of paint and others need repairing. Some tools that have been donated will probably never be loaned through the Tool Library, they will be saved for when we have a proper workshop space. Some will be repurposed like a saw that had a missing tooth that has been converted into a display item.

Others, like screw drivers, of which we have dozens will be sold on at some point to raise much needed funds. Some will be donated to other community groups that want tools, and others will be used for skill learning and other education projects. We will always find a use for donated tools, regardless of condition.

We are spending much of our time restoring and cleaning tools that will be used in the library and Ron Porter has been a real tool restoration champion and restored about 100 hand tools and power tools. As the tools are cleaned and restored, they are being added to the online Tool Library. Once we enable Ordinary Membership members will be able to reserve tools they wish to borrow. We hope this can be sorted out very soon.

This week we have made our first significant tool purchases. Using the funds, we have been awarded from the National Lottery and Brighton & Hove City Council we have purchased several drills and other cordless power tools that will be put on to the online library in the next few days. We also purchased the toolboxes we will use to make up the tools kits that we want to add to the Tool Library. These tool kits will contain all the tools we think you will need to carry out basic DIY type tasks.

Garry Meyer, the Founder of the Brighton Community Workshop Project said, “I am so impressed that all the hard work of our directors and volunteers is finally making this Project into a reality”, he added, “Without all the support from our many friends and the great organisations that have got behind us we would never have been able to get to this point, I will be forever grateful.”

If you would like to help out in the Tool Library restoring, repairing and repurposing tools, or would like to help populate the Tool Library inventory then come along on Saturday 4th September to find out how to get involved and help get the Tool Library up and running.



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