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We’ve Moved!

After 10 months, our time at St Georges Crypt will come to end on Thursday (5th May 2022). It’s been a good home for the last year but now it’s time to move on.

We’re really pleased to announce that we will be moving to a temporary new home in the City Center!

Our friends at Tech-Takeback have kindly provided part of their Revaluit Shop for us to use as a temporary base for the BCWP Tool Library.

We will have limited space though, so most of our inventory has been moved into storage.

During our time at Revaluit our opening hours will be the same as theirs and the Tool Library will continue to function.

Wed - Sat 10am - 5pm


​12 Pavilion Parade


​BN1 1EE

We anticipate to be there in person to check in and check out library items and promote the project in general - but in the event we aren’t available, the staff at Revaluit have agreed to help us out.

They won’t be able to check reserved items in or out, but can take items and (by prior arrangement) hand out items - during this time we recommend you continue to consult with us via email.

We still need hands on volunteers, especially if you have retail experience or are good with people and

at some point soon we will be moving again, into larger premises so we need more volunteers to help run the library.

If that’s you - apply here.

We want to thank our volunteers who helped us move from the crypt, and more importantly organise our garage storage units into something less chaotic than they were in over a year ago.

Thanks guys!


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